Other Ceremonies

Commitment Ceremonies

True love is ageless, timeless… It takes no notice of gender, race or creed… Honour you and your partner’s commitment and love with a tender, heartfelt ceremony conducted by Nina. Legal same-sex marriage equality will catch up one day but you can create an event that honours your love and physical, emotional and spiritual commitment as soon as you feel called to.

Baby Blessings

Welcome to the world little one… Your most precious bundle of joy, your most exquisite creation, a babe who holds you in constant delight… As an alternative to the traditional, religious ‘baptism’ type event, Nina can help you create a ceremony that beautifully introduces your new babe to your loved ones and the world. Joyously affirming their place in the hearts and lives of those who love them and celebrating your roles as parents, caregivers and way-showers for your newest addition.

Funerals and memorials

All lives, no matter how great or small, deserve to be celebrated and acknowledged and the passing of a loved one grieved. Let Nina weave, with grace and sensitivity, the story of a life lived and a life left. Compassionate and sensitive to each families’ cultural background and traditions, Nina will walk you through the practicalities of the last ceremony of life and create a service for you to hold dear for years to come.

Rites of passage

Often, in our mainstream culture, we miss the chance to truly mark and respect the monumental changes each of us takes a personal journey through. Be it the transition from adolescence to adulthood or the sacred journey of a woman through menopause or even the cathartic post-divorce celebration, Nina can design and conduct a unique ceremony to honour any significant rite of passage in your life.

Other ceremonies

No one can decide for us what are the most important events in our lives or what warrants a special ceremony… You may feel called to create a memorial for a much loved, four-legged member of your family or you may want to hold a ceremony at the completion of your new home… All of these and more are entirely valid and Nina can help you create exactly what you’re looking for.